The 12 Life Learnings of Carlos Gracie Sr.

Carlos Gracie Sr., a visionary jewel in the Gracie family crown, was a direct descendant of Japanese Jiu-Jitsu professor Mitsuyo Maeda. A founder of the inaugural Gracie Jiu-Jitsu academy alongside brothers George and Helio Gracie, he ascended to the esteemed heights of “Decimo Grau”, a degree given only to the founders of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

As a patriarch of BJJ, Carlos Gracie Sr. expanded his attention to several other ventures that would solidify the credibility of Jiu-Jitsu as both a sport and a lifestyle. He would open academies across Brazil, including Fortaleza and Ceará, before creating the famed Gracie Diet, used by many to prevent blood acidity, avoid fermentation, and aid the digestive process to this day. He would also compete as a pioneer in Vale Tudo, a form of unarmed combat widely regarded as a precursor to mixed martial arts.

Living until the ripe age of 92, Carlos Gracie Sr. would cement the Gracie dynasty as a father to several BJJ icons who would take the art to a next level, including Carlson Gracie, Carlos Gracie Jr., and Rolls Gracie (father of KASAI President Rolles Gracie).

Regardless of the endeavor, he was mastering, or the challenge he was embracing, Carlos Gracie Sr. stayed true to 12 crucial values that would fuel both his success and the fire on which KASAI Elite Grappling Championships was forged. We share these in honor of his legacy:

The 12 Life Learnings

  1. Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
  2. Speak to every one of happiness, health, and prosperity.
  3. Give all your friends the feeling that they are valuable.
  4. Look at things from a positive point of view and turn positivity into a reality of life.
  5. Think only about the best, work only for the best, and always expect the best.
  6. Be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are of your own.
  7. Forget about past mistakes and concentrate your energy on the victories of tomorrow.
  8. Always make those around you happy and keep a pleasant attitude to those who address you.
  9. Apply the largest amount of your time on self-improvement and no time in criticizing others.
  10. Be too big to feel unrest, too noble to feel anger, too strong to feel fear, and too happy to tumble in adversity.
  11. Hold a positive opinion of yourself and tell it to the world. Not through words of vanity, but through benevolence.
  12. Believe strongly that the world is on your side… if you keep true to what is best within you.